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Welcome to The Exec’s Chef!  My name is Matt Lindenberg.  I’m a lover of food – both cooking and eating – as well as wine, and good company to share it with.  While my career isn’t in the food space, its something that I’m passionate about.  In between the craziness of everyday family and work life, I love sharing a great meal with family and friends.

On the pages of this blog, I’ll share some of my epicurean explorations.  Many of my posts will share my own adventures in the kitchen, with recipes, tools, and back stories.  But this won’t just be a  cooking blog; from time to time, I’ll write about other food-related topics, perhaps including interesting restaurant experiences, a great wine or cocktail, etc.

A word about my logo.  In this busy life, I try to fit the fun of cooking and sharing a great meal around the hecticness of everyday life.  This logo was intended to convey that – a nice glass of wine, a fun meal, all fit around running between life’s needs.

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I hope you’ll join me on my adventures.  Read along with me, leave comments with your thoughts and suggestions.  And maybe spread the word to your own family and friends so they can come along on this journey with us.

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